May 1, 2020
Josephkhland (All reviews)

I've encountered this Light Novel Completely Randomly and just reading the Preview hooked me into reading the rest of it. Sadly I don't know how to read Japanese, but for the 3 first Light Novels that I have read so far, I've got to say this has been a Great Reading experience for me.

First I am going to include the parts I've really enjoyed with these novels:

Characters: Reading it you can feel each character is unique in their own way. It gives for some quite interesting and enjoyable conversations. The Comedy element is quite strong in most of their conversations, which to be fair makes it feel quite real for me.
If you like Scheming Protagonists the Story resolves around one so you will find it quite enjoyable, reading about how he tackles several issues. I won't argue whether the Schemes he uses are good or bad, but I definitely found them entertaining.
Furthermore, the characters surrounding the Protagonist are either Kawai Waifus or walking memes. As we all know, memes rule the world so isn't that great?

Story: I love the story because it's like a Meme. The Demon king summons a champion in order to ask him to take care of bothersome heroes, that just keep reviving again and again. It really depicts how frustrating it would be for the villains in video games to have to deal with Heroes that just don't care about dying and keep getting revived time after time. However, it doesn't stop there. While reading there are several mysteries. One could assume they are plot holes, but definitely it gives a feel like they are going to be covered by the end of the whole story.
In addition to that, throughout the story, there is a clear image of progression.
Concerning the antagonism found within the story, it might feel unreasonable, but that's mainly because it is based on Zealotism. It's slightly far-fetched to the point it feels slightly unrealistic from my viewpoint. However, after spending some time in social media and figuring out what kind of individuals a large majority of people in our world is, I suppose that doubting what you are told and practising comprehension is no easy thing. Then again the whole antagonism in this series sort of reminds me of the beginning of Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari.

Illustrations: There aren't many illustrations, but the ones you can find are adorable.

This novel is quite light-hearted, a great read for a good laugh. At least I kept a smirk on while reading most of it.
If you like light-hearted Isekai adventures with Romance elements then read it.

What I didn't' enjoy?
The English translated title was quite misleading as I thought it would have more erotic action and it would have made me avoid it if I didn't go through the Preview by accident. Not to mention the title is too big, so please when recommending it to others just refer it as "Megami no Yuusha".
So if you expect erotic action, this novel will disappoint you.

I felt that the 4th Volume was mostly a filler. It was definitely fun reading through the interactions between my favourite characters in this show and my Celes Waifu-chan, but plot-wise, the 4th Volume felt a bit lacking.

There was no apparent antagonism and it was mostly like reading a lore dump concerning the world.
If anything was outstanding at this Volume, it was the Epilogue. I won't say why or how, but it was definitely a strong finish for an otherwise okayish volume.