Jan 11, 2011
DangoSage (All reviews)

Hey wait a minute.. Aren't zombies suppose to be the living dead with rotting flesh and mindless expressions, mumbling "braaaainnnnssss...."
No wait, that's my biology lecturer...

Anyways, sure Aikawa Ayumu looks like a normal typical high school boy with a boring life etc etc, but isn't that how all the typical animes started out with?
However, he is blessed with a special gift... No! Not a harem! Im talking about his gift of being the walking undead! (And for added fun, the ability to crossplay!)

The anime started out pretty normal but just less then a minute everything turns haywire as his identity of his zombiefication (Is that even a word?) is exposed in a brutal but comedic manner.

Art looks pretty well done and detailed (especially the gore part.. Wouldnt want that to be censored now would we?)
Sound is pretty above average. Nothing to add here.

Introducing the only male harem lead who is a Zombie...
Aikawa Ayumu.. Hmm.. Other than the fact he possess inhuman powers, he is infact weak towards the sun.. Thats odd? Zombies are weak towards the sun but vampire ninjas are OK?
So he also possess the power to change into a Masou Shojo which never fails to make me barf each time. Seriously, no kidding, I skip the entire transformation sequence, and you would too if you're a TRUE man.
Sure he is a T.K wannabe in break dancing and he has a fetish for little sister and he has a perverted best friend and he doesn't live with his parents etc etc, the fact he has his own harem means deep down he is a good guy and every good guy deserves a harem. Just wondering why I haven't gotten mine yet...

So lets review the girls shall we? My favorite part of all harem anime

Candidate number #1
A necromancer? Silver haired, endowed with super imbalanced powers, and yet a fragile existence you feel like you just wanna protect. Best part is? She won't say a word which means less arguments and more *ehmm* time if ya know what I mean? ;) What you dont know what I mean? Sheesh, what are they teaching you kids in class nowadays.
Harem Girl score: 9.0

Candidate number #2
A masou shojo with a chainsaw who lets everyone change into a magical girl except herself. Typical tsundere with flat chest, but claims to have the highest IQ of them all. Sassy and courageous, she's the first of the magical that actually has an attitude. However, he inability to cook anything but eggs doesn't look in her favour for guys who's a glutton. Who cares anyways? Ayumu is a zombie and all he eats is brains.. (No seriously, zombies should eat brains)
Harem Girl Score: 8.8

Candidate number #3
A Ninja Vampire?? Who writes this stuff anyways?? Approximately D-E cup, this natural beauty is equipped with not only a sharp tongue, but with a superiority complex. Master of the leaf blade but only able to use a single technique, terrible chef and not much of a genius, some guys still like her due to her busty looks and long black hair. Probably slim chances of being in Ayumu's harem but she's living under the same roof with him so she's practically in it without even knowing it herself. Good luck to Ayumu trying to get this one.
Harem Girl score: 9.0

Candidate number #4
Another Ninja Vampire?? Oh c'mon now.. Anyways, my personal favourite, tom boyish, a bit of an air head but still charming in her own way. Probably the only character up to date that actually have feelings for zombie boy over here due to some unforseen circumstances (If you're a cult member of the harem revolution, then you probably have a slight gist of how this happened)
Harem Girl score: 9.2

I rate the comedy of this anime to be a fusion of MM! + Dokuro-chan
due to it's extreme slapstick jokes and the never ending pain the male lead has to suffer. But look at the bright side.. He can never be put out of his misery... Wouldn't you want an immortal body when you have a harem all to yourself?

Overall Gore+Comedy+Supernatural+Chainsaw wielding Magical Girl+Crossplaying = Kore wa Zombie Desu, which can also be equals to animegasm. (Im just randomly adding words here) And some fan-service to boot.

Everyone's favourite GIGA PUDDI made an appearance in episode 3 :)