Jan 11, 2011
Lihn (All reviews)
alright this is my first review ever, so it might be kinda sloppy, lets see here

Story 7/10
The story itself isn't really anything special, the protagonist is a zombie, living with a necromancer, but it is different from most other magical anime's so i'll cut them some slack.

Art 8/10
The art for the majority of the episode is again, nothing amazing, but the show does have a well done intro with some satisfying looking animation, and i'm hoping to see some animation like that in later episodes of the show, so for now they get an 8. Also random addition, this episode has lots of blood for those of you who are a little squeamish

Sound 7/10
Absolutely nothing about the music really stood out to me, except maybe a few moments where I went "well this is kinda catchy..."

Character 9/10
I give characters a 9 not because their especially compelling but most because their entertainment factor was through the roof for me. Just the way the protagonist seems to interact and react with his world, even the way he narrates as a character; I found very appealing. Additionally they did make some room in this episode for some potentially more serious and in depth character development later in the show, not much, but they did leave room.

Enjoyment 10/10
I've only been watching anime for 6 months, but pilot episode literally made me laugh out loud, which only two other anime have been able to do so far, I spent a lot of the episode thinking about how ridiculous the situations were, but O so very entertaining :P. Just watch out for some unexpected fanservice and a lot of of wtf moments :P

Overall 9/10
If you like ridiculous comedies, magical girls, ecchi....and blood, you'll likely really enjoy this anime.