Jan 7, 2011
CherryHawk (All reviews)
If you followed the first season while it was airing then it's probably been a while since you watched it by the time this came out. If that's the case then you might enjoy a little refresher. For me, this really got me back into the innocent feel good mood that Kimi Todo puts you in and got me pretty excited about the 2nd season.

If you've just recently caught up with the first season however you could opt to skip this one unless you're a perfectionist and need to watch every single release or just a die hard Kurumi fan, 'cause by watching this you basically get to chat with her for 22 minutes.

We also get to watch the new OP and ED credits which I very much enjoyed, so if you're an anime music person like me you might want to sneak a peek at this episode at least.

Lets enjoy our season 2!