Jan 3, 2011
Tactics (Anime) add (All reviews)
Fatalrain (All reviews)
Tactics starts out as one of those anime where the same thing keeps happening in every episode, but the main characters meet new one-shot characters every time. I'm personally not fond of these anime since they seem too childish and get boring after a short amount of time.
However, the more you watch it, the more the story really begins to unfold and it becomes far more interesting. The main characters, (especially Haruka) develop a lot, though some of the characters don't seem vital to the story at all.
The use of folklore and mythology is what, I think, makes the story unique. If it weren't for that use, this story wouldn't be a far cry from anime like InuYasha and Shrine of the Morning mist, which are also stories about priests/priestess' vanquishing evil spirits/demons.