Mar 29, 2020
Dorohedoro is a one of a kind show and is perfect for people that want a gritty (and very violent) anime. I first got into anime watching the older, more unconventional anime and recently the trend has been towards more toned down anime. Which is expected as anime has really expanded its viewer-base. However, Dorohedoro is a throwback to the old days of more unconventional anime while still bringing a totally unique and engaging story to the table. I cannot stress enough just how unique this show is and it does it in a way that is totally earned. Nothing about this show is cheap.

Story 10/10

So this adaptation only covers part of the manga and so far the story has been engaging, unpredictable, totally crazy and entertaining. You cannot ask for more. The best thing is, as somebody that has read the manga, it will only get better.

Art 9/10

The CGI is hardly noticeable and the backgrounds are phenomenal. I repeat the backgrounds are phenomenal and really establish the atmosphere of the world of Dorohedoro. The only (very minor) issue is that the CGI takes a bit of getting used to simply because it is not standard in anime.

Sound 10/10

The voice actors are all brilliant in acting out the larger than life characters they portray. The music is great. The OP and EDs (of which there are SIX!!!, with a twist on one of them) are great. Overall they knocked it out the park in this department.

Characters 10/10

Along with the story, the characters are the best part of Dorohedoro. There is no character that can be pigeon holed. There is no clear distinction between the good guys or the bad guys. The characters themselves have great dynamics and every character, including minor characters, brings something to the show. Along with the story, the best thing about Dorohedoro.

enjoyment 10/10 and overall 10/10

This is a one of a kind show that everybody should watch as soon as they get the chance. It truly deserves a sequel to cap off a brilliant first season.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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