Mar 29, 2020
Isvi_Berserk (All reviews)
-Note: English is not my native language, I apologize for possible mistakes. (This review does not contain spoilers)

The world of Dorohedoro is one of the rarest and most original I have ever seen, it's violent, dark, confusing, with many strange things in it, without falling into the typical. All accompanied by a surreal and unpolished artistic style that gives you the feeling of being dirty and visceral, using elements such as magic, demons, curses, accompanied by comedy and dark humor, all with a steampunk aesthetic and that some might define like gothic-cyberpunk.

The concern of many fans to know that the manga would receive an adaptation, was if the studio in charge could do a good job trying to adapt Dorohedoro's style, setting of the manga, possible censorship and in general to catch the atmosphere of the manga.

Luckily for everyone, MAPPA has managed to bring the atmosphere of the manga, with a very good direction that is perfect, achieving an authentic madness along with a rhythm that feels fast and being faithful almost completely with the story and a scenario very well accomplished. Clearly it's not the same, since adapting the previously mentioned artistic style of Dorohedoro is a very difficult task, in addition the 3D animation or CGI is deficient in many moments, sometimes it manages to integrate very well into the scene and others not so much, but in general this happens unnoticed and it turns out to be a very decent CGI, which manages to look good in most of the moments.

Background art is one of the first things you can highlight, it captures that surreal atmosphere very well. On the sound/OST side the opening and the endings are incredible (moved, fun and colorful) The series has many Eds that change every 2-3 episodes, which seems incredible to me, each one of them turned out to be fun and very good.

The characters are the best thing of the show, each with their own goals or motives that move them: tough, strong, each different and all have an incredible charisma. The best thing about Dorohedoro is that there are no good or bad, there are no villains or heroes, rather they are groups with different objectives that end up crossing each other, it's not a black or white world, everything is gray. It's a gray world full of chaos and strange things everywhere, the two groups of protagonists (group of En and Kaiman) are interesting and with excellent chemistry, in the end you do not know who to support.

In conclusion, Dorohedoro is a bizarre and fun, super nice from start to finish with a plot of mystery and madness that makes you ask at all times "What the hell is going on?" along with a cast of wonderful and super nice characters that drive the story at all times.

Art and history manage to stay as faithful as possible to the original material. The series cut a few non-relevant things, but overall it did an acceptable job animating each page, the animation probably would have been much better if they had kept a full 2D animation, although the CGI fails at times, the emotion is similar to the manga created by Q Hayashida, so I think there is a lot of merit in this adaptation that, despite not being perfect, there is no denying the amount of effort and respect for the source material.

I hope MAPPA confirms a new season and can manage adapt the whole story, they done a great job bringing this world to anime.

History: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Characters: 9/10
Art: 8/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Overall: 8.5 / 10

Dorohedoro may not be for everyone as it's a somewhat simple, grotesque, confusing and violent story, but it's a fun story that I could easily recommend to anyone who enjoys the anime world.