Mar 27, 2020
pxtellix (All reviews)
I honestly thought when I first heard about this that it would be some sports anime to drag in the fujioshi/fundanshi community, but I was completely mistaken.

This show had meaningful relationships and teamwork without it being a "anything is possible with friendship" stereotype. I also loved how they didn't discriminate with the cheer leading club and didn't make all the men tall and muscular. All the characters had their own details and backstories so no one was just some filler background character.

The main reason this show dragged me into watching it was when I saw clips of the intro, I've never seen dancing or performances in anime that weren't 3d, since it's always easier to animate those scenes. But all the performances were frame by frame, which somehow made it much more appealing to look at and looked quite smooth!

One heartwarming thing is how the show represents the moral of the story. You learn in the show that the cheer leading team's name is called "The Breakers". They all decided to name their team this because they all wanted to show people that they are "breaking" the stereotype that you need women in a cheer leading group to be successful. But another meaning to the name is that they were all trying to "break" through their own personal insecurities by expressing themselves through cheer leading. I absolutely loved the show even more than I already did only because of this one small but significant detail.

Overall an amazing and heartwarming show, I would absolutely love a season two!