I don't know whats worse, being put on lock-down due to that Covid 19 pandemic or this??? Cu'z neither of it was good, and TBH, I'd wish that studio JC Staff would just be contented of the previous parent anime, so I gonna get down to business of making a review of this OVA:

Story-Pathetic 1: Frankly this was a continuation of the parent anime that ended last Sep 2019, and in my opinion, it was just as worse a its parent anime, since this is where they upgraded the incest that was often the main stay in any harem anime, though here they put the "Oedipus complex" into use when they make it a situation where Makun gets amnesia where he see Mamako as his love interest instead of his mom.

Art-Good 7: Given that this was a beach service , swim suit where in and as expect only two namely Mamako and Medhi get a 10, Wise gets a 4 cu'z her being in a bikini top with shorts was a step back of her, where we would often see her panty flash. Porta , well not much maybe a 6 since she the quintessential frills bikini and Shirase whom I don't dig if she wearing a maillot or a short dress.

Sound-Mediocre 5: Nothing to mention here since the VA who did the vices of the characters were still the same.

Character- Poor 3: I would have like that Mamako X Makun relationship if Mamako was Ma-kun's step mom , but she's not, also it was kinda unfortunate that studio JC Staff didn't make any attempt to develop that Ma-Kun X Wise relationship nor did they bother about thinking of a Ma-kun X Medhi relationship or maybe a Ma-kun X Porta arc, either way them girls were just regulated to the sides.

Enjoyment-Mediocre 5: Cu'z I'm just in it for that swim suit service, don't get me wrong I just wanna know who would be the hottest....

Overall-Pathetic 1: It was just a bad OVA, in fact studio JC Staff would have been better off if they just added this to the parent anime.

So, Season 2 anybody????? Don't ya even think about it, Beach ( yeah, I do mean"Beach")LOL....