Mar 26, 2020
hit0rii (All reviews)
// spoiler- less review //
Houseki- shou richard shi talks about a foreigner with beautiful European features ( Richard Ranashinha De Vulpian ) who visited japan and unfortunately got hit on by bunch of drunkards, and his hero who saved him from the bunch, he was the ally of justice as everyone called him ( Nakata Seigi ). The foreigner thanked him and gave his card as they parted. Seigi soonly learned that this handsome gentleman 'Richard' is a jeweller, so he consulted him in a certain matter and ended up working in his jewellery store as a part- time job. Those two encountered various people and helped them in their lives.

It is the type of anime you would watch after a long anime who needed a lot of thinking, it's a light-hearted anime that will definitely relax you. It was the episodic type where you can easily pick up with and understand. Surely original. I loved how each episode had a moral, and on top of that it was educational, as it displayed tons of information about gems and jewelries.

The art is just so spirit-lifting, it heals your soul. It brightens my day seeing their faces, totally not exaggerating. I love this style of art with the cheerful colors.

The ending and the opening are gold, they make my day and I can't skip them, like never ever! Especially that they were sung by great Japaneses groups such as Da- ice for the ending!!

Each character had its own unique characteristics, I could say they are polar opposites, but that's what makes them a powerful duo, they aren't perfect, they had their struggles that helped them reach where they are standing now. Their back stories, past and childhood added a spice to the anime, as it gave a background on who we are watching. Even supporting characters were unique as they passionately supported the MCs

I definitely recomend houseki- shou richard shi as a light anime to relax, it's heart-warming with simplified explanations about gems, if you are interested~