Mar 26, 2020
ai_ere (All reviews)
All in all this anime is a masterpiece. I enjoyed it to the max.

The art is just so spirit-lifting, it heals your soul. It brights my day seeing their faces, like totally not exaggerating. I love this style of art and the colors are so cheerful.

For the story? It's easy to understand and original, I didn't watch other than one anime with a similar idea, which is also pretty cool!! I love that each episode has a moral and I lowkey ship Richard x Seigi

The ending and the opening are gold, they make my day and I can't skip them, like never ever!

Characters are just perfect, and how they comfort each other, they make me soft! I just want them to get married already, they even confessed to each other.

I even loved when they showed both of the characters' past, it was so warm to see them, especially how they looked in their childhoods. I am just so in love with them and I hope someone would translate the novel please?