Mar 26, 2020
Photoxander (All reviews)
At the start of the season I saw a new Idol anime was airing. Another series where i'll watch 3 or 4 episodes, maybe download the rhythm gatcha mobile game. What I actually got was a show that shows the excitement of being an Idol Fan.

A girl named Eripiyo's world is changed for the better when she walks by a small idol group preforming, there she would meet Maina. Quickly she falls into the dark hole we know as being an intense Idol Fan. From buying out the merch table of Maina CDS to going to every concert, Eripiyo is a true Idol Fan. All she wishs is to see Maina succeed and be happy.
Thus the title "If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die"

Very Slice-of-life, just Eripiyo and her fellow idol fans being idol fans. We see the struggles of waiting in the hot sun for a good seat, to your favorite idol liking all of her fans not just you. The gang is very fun and their high-jinks are wonderful to watch. We also get to watch the members of ChamJam! grow as idols and learn what it takes to be an idol. Dealing with fans, understanding your character, the rules you must follow, etc.

The art is good. There are stylized moments. I can't say much about it. It works for what the series needs.

The background songs are good, not annoying. ChamJams! songs are good, not any i've listened to a bunch of times like other shows. It is idol music so those not a fan of idol already might find the music not intresting.

Oh here it is, the place this anime shines. The characters are the series selling point, Eripyo alone is hours of entertainment. Her overreactions over the smallest thing, to her truly dedicating her life to supporting Maina. Her fellow idol fans are also amazing characters. Being the stereotype overweight idol otaku, and the skinny in love with an idol (who looks a lot like his sister) character. I am sure you will find them amazing if you give this series a few episodes.

I only really like reviewing anime/manga when i'm passionate about them. This is one of them. I plan to buy the manga, and hope to get the bluerays when they come out. I am honestly going to miss watching this series every week. So did I enjoy it? Yes. YES. YES.

I'm not going to tell you this is the greatest anime, because it is very much not. I will not say it is the greatest slice-of-life either. But it is not trying to be. This is simple a series looking at the joys of being a super idol fan. A wise anime fan once said that we love to watch characters who are passionate about something, you can feel their passion leak into you. That is the case here. I feel Eripyo's excitement every time Maina does something cute or ChamJam! advances their idol career.
I highly recommend giving this series a chance. Give it 2 or 3 episodes and I hope you will at least enjoy it. The hidden gem of this season.