Mar 26, 2020
lynxnotaleopard (All reviews)
As a manga reader, I had very high hopes for the anime. The manga was full of life and was beautiful with fantastic characters. I think the anime had a lot of potential and could have been much strong if they stuck to the source material more. If I was just an anime watcher, this would probably score higher. However, I know what could have been and so it's hard to score it separately from the manga.

This anime is colorful and wonderful with just a hint of darkness to keep you on your toes. The arcs they chose to animate are well done and I think are entertaining to watch. The presentation of the childlike spirit with mystery is incredibly well done since the manga itself toys with the balance frequently. Overall a very good show. I just wish there would have been more time to deliver the plot. If you enjoy the show, please consider reading the manga to understand everything that you missed because some of my favorite parts got skipped.