Mar 26, 2020
casualweeaboo (All reviews)
This kind of... doesn't feel like Haikyuu.

I started watching this season when 10 episodes were out already, and I also started watching it directly after watching the first 3 seasons. Almost everything about this 4th season feels foreign to the other 3.

The art style change does doesn't look good. In the first 3 seasons I could easily distinguish characters by their eyes alone, and now it seems many characters have the same face/expression. Also it just looks weird IMO. The animation is also a big step down, moments which would have fluid animation in the other seasons are now choppy and lack character, just feel like you're watching the average seasonal show. It has moments where it is decent but not near the first 3 seasons. Good animation is extremely important to me and plays a big part on whether I like a show or not.

Another thing that feels foreign are the characters themselves, I feel like they don't act like they usually do. During all the training scenes, Hinata is damn near incompetent, it's almost like he's back to season 1. Kageyama is a lot more indifferent than he usually is, (He was often sarcastic or making jokes in the other three seasons, but now he's kinda just stagnant.).

The pacing is also off, I feel like the show was generally more fast paced in the other seasons. The characters were always poking fun at each other, someone always had something to say, as well as background characters often doing stuff in the side of the frame, or talking as well, which seems to not be happening in this season. I've also noticed Sugawara making goofs a lot more than previous seasons, or maybe it just stands out more now that no one else is doing it too.

It's not all bad though. During episode 11 there was kind of a return to form, the animation was higher quality, the characters play off each other well, and the pacing of the episode was great. It felt more like the old Haikyuu.

In general it feels like a complete downgrade in every aspect and I'm pretty disappointed. It's still Haikyuu so I love the story and the characters themselves, but this season just doesn't feel the same.