Mar 26, 2020
Andromics (All reviews)
This is my second review I have ever made so bare with it:

Somali and The Forest Spirit is a very niche show it seems, I don't really see too many people talking about it and I think more people should because this show was pretty good! I would say this was the second best show of this season, seconds to Eizouken but I only watched three shows this season.


The story of Somali is pretty interesting, in the past humans and grotesques lived together, and the grotesques tried to live in harmony and help out the humans, but the humans would get terrified every time they would see one, so they would kill them.

Then the grotesques got angry about how humans treated them, so they went to war and hunted the humans down. The grotesques are obviously way stronger than the humans so of course the humans stood little chance.

The story starts out with the near extinction of humans, humans being an oddity in the present, and even if there is a human then it is likely you would just be hunted down and murdered, so you meet a very interesting combo of adventurers, a young human girl named Somali, and a golem she calls dad. This adventure has the two going from town to town trying to find other humans for the golem to bring Somali to, but it is mostly, atleast for this first season just a nice wholesome adventure with the two making friends and seeing the relationship between Somali and the emotionless golem develop.



The art of this series is very beautiful, the scenery and towns are absolutely the shows strongest part about this anime, all the colors blend so well and I think that even if you think the story is going no where you just forget about it because the show looks so gorgeous and the animation is good as well, there isn't much to say besides I believe this and Eikouzen are the most beautiful shows I've seen in quite a while.



The sound track was great, not very remember-able but it was still beautiful and I mean everything about the show is beautiful so I should probably stop using that word but that is just what it is.

The intro and outro are fine and suit the show just fine and none of it is really remember-able like I said but it isn't really a downer on the show at all.



All the characters were likable besides this old lady at the end, but you are suppose to hate her so it is fine.

The one thing that I felt was kinda dumb about the characters is THAT they are all likable, they all seem pretty plain and similar. There are four people side characters that Somali and the golem travel with, and just one of them felt different and it was girl that I won't spoil but she was the most interesting in my opinion because she had a goal and she makes you wonder what that goal is.

The other characters are just wholesome, fun, goody-two-shoes characters and it isn't bad, but isn't good either. I like all of them just wish there was more variety is all I am saying. I may be in the minority with this opinion but this is my review so this is how I feel about the matter.



This is where it gets very opinionated and up to what you enjoy in anime. This show is pretty slow, there is a lot of episodic "Why am I watching this" type of episodes and it makes you think about the story and how it will progress from this. I will tell you that the story does progress but pretty slowly. This is definitely a great slice of life anime and a very interesting one, but it is definitely not for everyone and this might be why the reviews of this show is so contradictory.

I rather like this show and enjoyed the cute moment of when Somali worked hard to make the golem a bracelet and the golem cooking for the first time, so on. But for a lot of others, they may find that boring, I understand why, but that is just what the show is. So, please do not watch if you aren't into that.

As for me I give it an 8/10


This show was fun and enjoyable, I think that for people that enjoy a good slice of life would enjoy this and it is definitely one of the best shows of the season.

The story is interesting and really makes you wonder how it will all go down.

The art is great and some of the best I have seen, sorta gives that Made In Abyss vibe.

The sound is decent and pretty beautiful.

The characters are good and are enjoyable.

And the show is just a joy to watch! I give Somali and The Forest Spirit a good old, 7.8/10 which rounds to 8/10!