Mar 26, 2020
Ugubear (All reviews)
I know the first season had a ton of mixed reviews and I was pretty iffy about it as well, but I enjoyed it regardless. The second season though was a good chance to expand on ideas in the previous and show some actual character development that was much needed.

I binged the whole second season as soon as it came out and honestly I can confidently say that it was a lot better than the first season. In my opinion, characters were given more life and the main characters of this season were given a lot more screen time to show their character development. The pacing in this season also seemed to be a lot slower than the first season where it seemed like I was meeting a new set of characters per episode or the characters I had finally learned the names of were constantly changing environments (which to be fair is more or less part of the story).


Most of this season takes place on the groups' adventure through a ship they found. They discovered it was the last, unidentified, shelter that was able to flip vertically in water and remain afloat. They quickly find themselves in a predicament where they are stuck inside the ship and have to find a way to get out (there is a lot more to it once you actually watch it but I'm avoiding key plot points.)

Personally, their time inside the ship was my favorite part and i'm glad it was spaced out through multiple episodes. We were really able to see the characters personalities and see how much they have changed/grown since season 1. They have adjusted to the new world and working to make the best out of their situation. We see characters arguing over different perspectives and opinions about the world they live in and how to handle different situations. We learn more about the characters' past (some more than others) and some unsolved problems were answered in this season.

Unfortunately or fortunately, this second season also did not conclude the anime. The "ending" definitely left room for more and I hope this anime gets a third season, though I am sad that it will probably be at least another year till it gets released if it even gets confirmed by netflix.

I really wish people gave this show more of a chance, but I do understand why it gets some of the more negative reviews.