Mar 26, 2020
FanaticPharaoh (All reviews)
A fun shoujo manga about a Sadist prince and Masochist wolf-girl. The story doesn't drag out and it hits all the minor cliches in an interesting way. A prime example of romantic storytelling. If you are looking for a game-changer manga, this is not really it; If you are looking for a great example of shoujo manga that is an enjoyable read, this will scratch that itch.
Sadio-masochism plays a major role in the relationship between the two main protagonists and those who hate the idea of S&M play will likely hate this manga. They will complain that the ML doesn't evolve enough through the manga but that is his actual personality. I think that is a childish opinion to assume he would magically change after falling in love because the whole point was that Erika gets to the "real" side of him. I kind of hate that in a genre filled to the brim with female Tsunderes and Kuuderes, Kyouya(ML) gets so much grief.
I myself am a Sadist who hates traditionally "cute" relationship things with very little exception and enjoys the pain of others (schadenfreude). People generally have S or M characteristics but since this is fiction they are played up to a high degree. The ML or FL doesn't need to change, they are naturally that way and this is the story of their relationship. Both of them do soften and harden up respectively by the end.
Let me clarify and state there is NO BDSM, just the emotional side of it.
The side characters' stories are solid and they get just enough time to establish their plots without it feeling like too much filler. I thought all the major characters were likable and hateable at different points meaning they were probably good characters. I thought the art was good but more than that the artist knew what to draw to make the scenes come to life.
Objectively this is 8/10 but my personal score would be 10/10, I can't see fans of romance hating this story.