Mar 26, 2020
Horn_dawg_2019 (All reviews)
ID:Invaded may have ended a few days ago, but I still wann make a review of this original anime:



Pros: I don't know about you if any of you have notice something about this original anime by studio NAZ, cu'z the story plot has 50% of copied from the 2002 movie "Minority Report" and its other 50% was copied from the 2016 movie "Assassin Creed" Movie, all combine into its Japanese version, thought one movie was awesome the other one was give a low score by Rotten tomatoes, thought it was good but.......

Cons: It wasn't that good given that there were plot holes that were bizarre as to how the division chief Hayaseura, Takuhiko was able to make serial killer out of ordinary people and how he obtain Kiki Asukai.

Verdict (7/10)


Pros: No fanservices around.

Cons: One character that serves as the quintessential Zettau Riyoki and the usual poor fashion sense that the MC sport in the Mizuhanime.

Verdict (5/10)


Pros: Cast that don't have to sound like teenagers, and the opening theme "Mister Fixer " by Sou

Cons: Hondomachi's seiyyu sounding like a retard.

Verdict (4/10)


Pros: Given that 50% of this anime was copied from "Minority Report" we can say that Narihisago Akihito played his part well as John Anderton in here but unlike the latter he was more like a detective in a post crime setting in a virtual world of the Mizuhanime and we have Hondoumachi Koharu who plays somewhat Maria in "Assassin Creed" but instead of an assassin she more like a replacement for Narihisago whom later on becomes his side kick. Also since this has to have a villain it was a good idea to have something both from "Minority Report" and Assassin Creed" and who better than Hayaseura Takuhiko who combines both a boss who would do anything to protect his project at any cost and that of a power hungry mover and shaker kind of antagonist. Also, there is Kiki Asukai who kinda serves as this Agatha from "Minority Report" but she was given a tweak where she serves as this wild anime reeking havoc as she was release by the evil Division Chief.

Cons: I kinda hate that them cops were such a bad shot, who can't shoot straight even if the prep is only 4 feet away from them.

Verdict (7/10)


Pros: Given that this has a clean ending , it was worth it.

Cons: John walker was very much obvious the moment I saw him and them cops were pretty much annoying when they can't shoot straight even when the perp was just a few feet from them.

Verdict (7/10)


Verdict (8/10)

I don't know about you, but despite of this original anime's short comings, it was well worth it.

Anybody for a Johnny Walker label???