Mar 26, 2020
Dukino (All reviews)
I took an entire emotional bludgeoning with this show. Somali and Golem, I didn't know what to think of this show when I saw it coming out. Even kind of picked it up on a whim given it had a good premiere time that fit into my schedule. Suffice to say I couldn't be more happy with that decision. This show was an experience in emotional endurance. I cried literally every episode with this show. It's insane really. Idk it that's ever happened before. An anime to make me emotionally spent with each episode. In the best way possible I got thrown through the ringer with the journey our duo went on.

Speaking of the characters of course I loved Somali beyond compare. The most adorable little angel who has the heart of someone well beyond her years. She's gonna grow up to be a fine adult. Has a good head and Golem to guide her. Golem himself starting out very cold but by this last episode we see him accept he has emotions despite feeling them probably the entire time he's been with Somali. Having a great character arc to see. Fighting against the so called natural order of things. I really like that, it's a fantastic message to deliver with this story.

All the supporting characters and individual stories we found along the way as Somali and Golem traveled were all well done. Shizuno, Yabashira, Uzoi, Haitora, the witches, Kiklia, they all were great to see and I'm glad to have meet them with our resident father and daughter. Visuals were honestly super consistent. The backgrounds were jaw dropping most of the time and the animation while not needing to be fancy still looked great. Couldn't complain about it.

This journey was one idk of I'll forget in anime. Somali and Golem are two special characters could watch for an eternity. Would love hundreds of episodes with them traveling. So so happy things ended the way they did. Could've been very easy to go for tragedy with how the whole show set that up. But they didn't and things are all the better for it. Somali and Golem thank you so much for this journey. Anime of the Season imo.