Mar 26, 2020
Marinate1016 (All reviews)
Hanako-kun is one of the shows that on the surface seems like it has no substance or actual plot. In reality, it’s got some really good writing and underneath its cutesy first few episodes, has a darker interior.

Story wise, Hanako-Kun follows a young girl who struggles to make friends at school. One day she has a chance encounter with an apparition(Hanako) and forms a contract with him. The story follows their subsequent adventures to keep the school safe from rogue apparitions. The first few episodes cover a lot of fluff cases and keep a rather lighthearted tone. A little over a third of the way through, we get a general tone shift in which the show goes from being a mindlessly fun show, to one where there’s actually pretty big stakes involved with some unnerving scenes. It doesn’t become Evangelion, but it takes a pretty big shift nonetheless which I felt enhanced the experience and kept the story interesting.

I went into this showing nothing about the manga at all. What really attracted me was the unique art style. Artistically, the show is one of the most unique anime I’ve ever seen. Lerche truly must be commended for their work with that. The few fights in the show are also extremely well done featuring a very unique animation style which I found visually pleasing. If you enjoyed the art-style of Kimetsu no yaiba, you will most likely also enjoy this one as they have very similar vibes.

Hanako-Kun is one of the 4-5 really fresh shows that we got this season and easily finds itself in my top 5. I was consistently entertained throughout and constantly laughing from the well written humour and gags. It’s not a deconstruction of a genre or a masterpiece by any stretch, but it is a very very fun show and one that I found great. I highly recommend giving it a try and being patient, the first couple episodes may be slow for some people. Once it gets going, it really gets going.

Hanako-Kun gets 9 fat ankles out of 10.