Mar 26, 2020
nerdwithmanga (All reviews)
Story (7): It was a rather unique plot but also not something that has never been seen before (which is to be expected). Anyway it is about a human girl, Taira, that gets involved with 'devils' (which are low key modified vamps). It is mainly told by her pov and the pov of her half-devil love interest, Anzai. But it does jump pov a lot, thus touching on a bunch of different social and political views etc.

Art (7): It can definitely get wonky at times. My main issue with it would be that the anatomy really isn't consistent. Examples being big heads and super tiny hands a good portion of the time. Also the art def changed as the series went on, rather common, but there was one character who was supposed to be ugly but still looked rather normal but when her character arc came they like hit her with an ugly bomb to emphasize her issues. I didn't like the inconsistency with the art concerning her, it would've been fine to leave her design as before. Other than all that I actually enjoyed the art and appreciate that it isn't a common style.

Character (9): I will just simply state that there was a large cast, all of which had strengths and weaknesses. They were all fleshed out pretty good. And with the switching of pov you got to experience a lot of different social and moral beliefs between characters.

Enjoyment (8): I was able to binge it without stopping and can binge re-read it and still get a lot of entertainment from it.

Overall (8): It was rather good and def up there in my favorites but there were some plot holes or just things outright left unanswered, which is spoiler territory so I will leave it at that.