Mar 26, 2020
lumihime (All reviews)
So, I checked this anime out after seeing a pretty sexy clip of it on Twitter. That hyena girl? Yeah, that's some good stuff.

Of course, me seeing a full-blown furry in an anime as well as several other monster girls made me instantly want to check it out. I was expecting a typical ecchi, but more sexy than usual.

...and I was just disappointed, honestly. But hey, I gave it the 3 Episode Test!

I'll try to keep it short and simple:

Story - 3. It's honestly nothing special, and while I don't expect a lot of depth from an ecchi anime I've definitely seen better.

Art - 7. It's colorful and pretty, which is nice to see. Some of the monster girl designs looked cute, for sure. I'd say this is probably the one highlight this show has.

Sound - 4. No real comment here. I didn't care for it.

Character - 2. Jesus christ on a bike, I've never seen such insufferable, annoying men in an ecchi anime before. And yes, I'm a woman. Usually I don't mind the typical banter that perverted men have--in fact, I find it funny often times, as I'm a pervert myself. But good lord, the designs and personalities of this main cast are just... lazy.

Enjoyment - 4. I got excited at first, thinking that I'd be in for a real treat of a pervert anime, but as I continued to watch my enjoyment just went down, and down, and down... yeah. Even the sex scenes aren't that good--I'm telling you, that hyena girl from the Twitter clip was probably the best it could get. I can't see myself ever wanting to, y'know, rub one out to this content, and I'll reiterate that I'm no stranger to lewd content.

Overall - 3. Just feels like a low-effort, badly written fuck-fest with insufferable characters and tasteless humor. Honestly, by the time I ended episode 3 I felt that my sex was just being objectified--that the creator just saw women as pretty objects to be violated and dressed up. It's not surprising, but it sure is disappointing.

That's all I got. Take it however you please.