Mar 26, 2020
Horn_dawg_2019 (All reviews)
Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei or The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, ok now that has ended, pretty much entertaining that one would forget about the lockdowns that has grapple the entire Asian countries.



Pros: The genres Drama, Mystery, Slice of Life, really did played well, it wasn't that boring and it wasn't that gay......(much). The plot really was a breath of fresh air.

Cons: It does have that subtle yaoi element that disgust me.

Verdict (8/10)


Pros: Pretty much decent, that there wasn't any sex to be sold around here.

Cons: Don't even expect to see a Tanimoto fanservice around here.

Verdict (4/10)


Pros: Characters voices were pretty much real and the seiyuus don't have to pretend that they're teenagers in high-school.

Cons: I hate both the opening and closing theme.

Verdict ( 8/10)


Pros: Richard de Vulpian, at frist he struck me as a homo that would try to seduce Seigi into falling in love with him, but instead as a Jewel appraiser he did played his role well, though him being this guy who like to put his nose in Seigi's a good way, was too much for an appraiser to do , But...... aside from being a jewel detective,

Cons: Aside from being a jewel appraiser, he pretty much does what a concern lover would do to his love, so TBH I kinda think that he's gay since he did mentioned "I love You" in some occasion. Seigi Nakata on the other hand did played well as Richard's apprentice very well, also as a young person he also played his role as this guy who talks a lot that it makes him look like a fool and it was acceptable, but he was also a dichotomy where in one point he felt uneasy with Richard's declaration of his love for him, where he disguise it as a lesson for him to be learned on the other hand he gets himself involved with Richard's problem in London and he didn't mind when Richard that I love you thing for him, thought it might a gangsta thing when one bro tell another bro "I love you , man." Also the role of Tanimoto was a complete waste given that Seigi has broken up her marriage to a certain guy, now I don't about you, if Seigi really like her then he should've have continue his romance for her and not confined to Richard about his dad problems, to me seigi was a disappointment.

Verdict (7/10)


Pros: Given that this was this season breath of fresh air it wasn't much of a chore when I get to know about precious stone as how thy can dtermine the value of ones life.

Cons: It was tad gay for me.

Verdict (4/10)


Verdict (4/10)

A good anime it maybe, the story about those precious stone as to how it relates on ones life was enjoyable.....but, one part of me doesn't make me comfortable with the relationship between Richard and Seigi.