Mar 26, 2020
Nana (Manga) add (All reviews)
nic016 (All reviews)
I've never seen the anime, so I'm not going to be making any comparisons... So let's get into it.

Story: Great story. Really good. I gave it a 9. There are times where things seem just a bit slow, but as soon as you begin to feel that, things change and fresh problems arise.

Art: The art, at first, I didn't like. But the art style is very "cookie", and after getting used to it, I began to just grow to like it. The art is good, I actually like how the style changes with the mood, and when important scenes are drawn, the faces are given great detail and beauty.

Character: The characters are great. At first, you think the characters are pretty 2D. But as the characters grow, they really grow and change and you begin to like how people end up.

Overall: This series is very much like a soap opera. I mean, A LOT, like a soap opera. The way the scenes change from one to another is straight out of a soap opera on tv. The only reason I didn't score the overall score higher is that the "growth" of the characters are just a bit slow, and (i know I'll get hate for this) but the chapters are LONG and very very wordy. It takes forever to get through a chapter. I mean, 60 pages per chapter is nuts. I need to dedicate my friggin night to a chapter lol. Anyways, great series, and I think anyone who enjoys a good love story, would enjoy this series.