Mar 26, 2020
Potatoc (All reviews)
I seriously hope they delayed the episodes to up their animation skills because it's one of the trashiest I've seen and I thought my tolerance had been pretty high.

I'm caught up to the most recent chapter in the game in Japanese and the story's as good as other prominent idol games (ie. idolish7, which is thankfully blessed with good art studio). It pisses me off these lovely a3 characters receive such poor treatment in comparison.

They screwed up on the body motions? Fine, whatever. But they just had to also screw up on some basic face turnarounds, like c'mon. It's an idol anime and the face is like a good percentage of the selling point.

With that in mind it might be a little much, but it would be nice if they put more thought in their framing so it's not all like, bam 3/4 head shots/half body shots + the little animated movement that they already cucked up on.

Being super lenient and giving it a 5 for now for the potential it has in character/story and in hopes of some upgrade in the animation department.