Mar 26, 2020
GrayRealm (All reviews)
As somebody said... it went from 100 to 0.

This is manga is about survival of black company employee during zombie apocalypse and trying to fullfill list of wishes.

The art is decent, the story has shounen tropes in it, meaning protagonist being naive/saintly, villains being on occasion nearly comical and inhuman and so on. It was a decent read for duration of manga, touching on tougher subjects, not overly silly and with plenty of black humor in it, but around chapter 17 they introduced a story turn which, as far as I can tell, flushed everything they were building for down the drain. A pity.

In greater detail:

Story: 4/10.
It is mostly decent not super realistic but with shounen-like overtones (exagerrated characters, mostly, either overly good or overly malevolent), all the way down to chapters 16-17. Past that point they screwed up.

Art: 6/10:
It is kinda unique and fairly detailed. There's slight resemblance of "Mairimashita, Iruma Kun", but it is not very strong, and in general the art is somewhere halfway between comical and serious.

Characters: 4/10:
Exagerrated emotions/motivations, shounen style. It isn't truly horrible, but shounen-like behaviors with preachign, overly moral or overly malevolent characters is definitely there.

Enjoyment: 4/10:
It was mostly okay, but after chapter 17 I decided to drop it, as the direction story took felt too uninspired to me.

Overall: 4/10.
Maybe worth checking out up to chapter 15 or so.