Mar 26, 2020
Sku_Te (All reviews)
Obviously taking its name and many of the characters from the series of visual novels, it does divert from it in several crucial ways, creating a pretty standard anime with a little bit of fan service in.

Unlike like the visual novels, these stories in this series are unrelated, so there is no real character development or leading towards anything. Whilst both have some humour (with it being more subtle in the visual novels), these episodes went out of it's way to be comedic, which is a shame, as a lot of the societal problems and prejudices the cats face are barely mentioned.

A lot of the music from the visual novels are used, which is nice.

Animation started of a bit dodgy, but did get better, although not fantastic.

Of course, all sexual relationship were completely ignored.

Overall, it was okay. There was no real story - each episode was standalone, and competently written, but not really that exciting.

Perhaps this series could be viewed more as an experiment than anything.