Mar 26, 2020
SomedaySoon (All reviews)
This was an enjoyable watch overall.

The story is pretty simple as you can probably tell by the synopsis; I would say it isn't executed as well as it could have been. Some episodes seemed to kind of lose my interest with what was actually happening story-wise but I kept watching because I enjoyed the art/music.

The art is absolutely beautiful, lots of very nice landscape scenes with sunsets and mountains. It feels quite simple but has a certain vibe to it that is aesthetically pleasing. The art-style goes well with the music choices, in my opinion.

Sound is pretty good. I enjoyed almost all of the voice acting and the music selection was used well/all the songs were enjoyable.

The characters felt pretty flat besides the main characters. I did become emotionally invested in her throughout the series, though.She is cute and you want things to work out for her the more you learn about her. All of the other characters mainly just a play a role in her story so they aren't really worth mentioning.

Overall, it was an enjoyable watch. It's quite short at 48 minutes so it doesn't take a lot of time and would probably be a decent binge-watch if you are in the mood for something simple, aesthetically pleasing with good music, and pretty cute.