Mar 26, 2020
jeugn2 (All reviews)
I've never written a review before so don't expect much. I know i've given this show a 10 because I always give a show a score after i just finished the show. So i will not give every category a 10. English isn't my mother language so there can be language errors. There will be spoilers but i point it out when there is one. Enjoy

-Story (9/10)
I really liked the story of this anime. You see the story through the eyes of satoru. A manga artist and who works in a pizza place. He gets revivals when there is someting bad going to happen. He is almost always send a few minutes back in time. except when he finds his mother dead on the floor and the police tries to capture him, he gets a revival and is send back 18 years in time.

This beginning is great i didn't know what to expect from this show but i liked it already from the beginning. And i personnally find it only gets better. He knows he need to stop the 3 murders that happenned in that time period. Because he thinks they are related to his mother death. He doesnt search directly for the killer, he tries to save the kids from it. And I liked that about the show because with that you get a bond with the characters he saves. for example kayo was a girl he almost never talked to before and now he is great friends with her. And all the things that happen with here are very emotional (i can't say much about what happens with her because i don't wanne spoil things for people who want to watch this.)

Ofcourse i have to talk about the murderer although I already knew who it was around the half of the show. it didn't stop my enjoyment. When the murderer was there I always felt a tension of what he was going to do. It had a few twists to that I really liked to.

And now im gonne talk the 2 last episodes and the ending. A lot of people found the last two episodes rushed. And I found that a bit to. I think this anime could really use another 2 episodes so they could explain a lot more of the things that happened at the end, that would make the series even better. I personally liked the ending more than the ending of the manga.

-Art (10/10)
There is honestly nothing bad i can say about the art it is super beautifully done. I can really feel the time and effort that they put in the art of this show. The animation make some scenes even better. im gonne spoil one scene here so if you dont want to get spoiled don't read the text inside of the brackets. (when Kayo and Satoru where visiting the science museum there is a moment where kayo is standing looking through the window and the light they used gave such a beatiful effect on the shot and I liked the scene even more because of the animation). I find the animation god thier.

-sound (8/10)
the first time that i heard the intro i did'nt like it but when i heard it for the second time i began to like it more and more. As for the music in the anime self it is very good. The music always creates a certain feeling. It was never disturbing. I have nothin to say about the outro because i have legit haven't heard anything of it.

-characters ( 8/10)
before going in depth in a few characters im going to start with a general note. Somethimes Satoru or Kenya don't react like a kid and for some reason nobody notices that. On the other hand are there moments where Satore reacts like a total child. There isn't really a consistency in his behavior and that annoyed me a bit.

*in depth review of characters
Ofcourse I begin with the protagonist Satoru. I like him. although I have to say I like more the 11 year old one. The 11 year old Satoru is a cheerfull kid, who has a high willpower ... in him you see that he likes saving the people around him while i don't feel that with the 29 year old one. He looks annoyed when he helps a person especially in episode one. I like how his 11 year old version is so nice to everyone, he even stands up early to help them.

The second character im going to talk about is Kayo. I like her. In the beginning she wasn't very friendly and open. As the story progresses she gets more open and friendly. The story that hapenned with her is quite sad. Im happy that she lives happy after everything that happens.

The thirth character is Sachiko (satoru's mom): I like this character a lot. She gives whole her son. Especially at the end. She always know what there is wrong with Satoru. And always help him and doesn't question him.

SPOILER WARNING( if you dont want to know the murderer don't read this one). The fourth character is Yashiro: He is a great help to his students and cares about them but ofcourse it isn't his real nature. They say he is a good killer . But it isn't shown that good in the anime, it is obvious that he is the murderer.

the fifth character is Kenya: Kenya has just as Satoru a big sense of justice. He is very smart and is a great help for Satoru.

the sixth character is Airi: She is the only who believed in Satoru, I liked her and find it quite sad that she doesn't have a lot of screentime.

Over the other character i have even less to say then the last 2 so im not going to talk to them.

-enjoyment (10/10)
I really enjoyed it, it has some fun moments for example when his mom always knows what Satoru is thinking, the story is great and the plot is great to.

-overall (10/10)
apart the few bad points I told i still find this anime worth a 10, i read a lot of bad things about this series so i hope somebody find it refreshing to read a positive review about this anime.

I hope you found this usefull and see you later.