Mar 26, 2020
Tsunbio (All reviews)
Oshi ga Budoukan scratches that need for a cute low stakes comedy romance that needs to be satisfied every so often. While making us squirm with love and adoration.

The biggest warning I can give before jumping into the deep end of this series is that you will cringe and squirm from the way our main character acts sometimes, but that isn’t a bad thing! The reason you’ll be squirming is because her love and adoration for Maina is so vast and deep that is definitely slips into obsession, knowing the feelings are rather mutual though makes it feel a lot better.

Another aspect of this show that lends itself to being an interesting show to watch is the amount of actual culture baked into this series to analyze and learn about. As someone with no experience in the Idol scene there are a lot of interesting things to learn about like the light stick things King Blades (Remember though this is anime so it is very much blown out of proportion, but there are still things you can learn.)

The music and songs in this show are also quite enjoyable which is an important aspect of an idol show like this, and most of the dances are good as well (sometimes a little bit of 3d modeling is used for a couple dance shots and it can be a little jarring, but for the dances that really matter they make sure it looks good).

The weakest part of this show would sadly be the story. It’s just not that horribly deep with a lot of the story beats being a little obvious, but while it is a bit weaker I still found a lot of enjoyment in it with little moments where I could tell what was about to obviously happen next but I still squirmed in my chair and threw my hands in the air at just the absolute sweetness of what happened. While in other idol shows we can pick our favorites and follow all of them in a way this show mostly follows the MC Maina dynamic with a couple side stories featuring some of the other Idols. I personally didn’t care much for these side tangents and would have enjoyed more screen time for a couple of the other Idols or more Maina.