Mar 26, 2020
Silva-sama (All reviews)
First watching an anime from the season while it was airing and i guess i made a good decision.

The story is pretty simple, one major factor around it is friendship, and how Ranka and Jin interact of course!

One thing i liked was how much i ended up learning about animals while feeling entertained from the positive and goofy vibes this anime gives. The character Ranka was one of the major factors and i ended up watching it until the end and enjoying it so much! Her japanese voice actor really did a great job give her so much hype but also the right amount of sweetness.

I will say, some characters had potential to be more of what they were and other ones had so much recurring puns. Not that is a bad thing, just a missed opportunity in the way i see it.

You will like this one, it's fun, entertaining and has some cute moments that for sure will leave you with a smile on your face.

Overall i liked it, not that much to say only for you to give it a go and see if you agree or not with me :p. Also, the ending was winking possibly at a season 2 that i would watch but for now is waiting on that. Final score -> 6/10 Join the pack!