Mar 26, 2020
KANLen09 (All reviews)
If there's was a "7 Wonders of the World' that I wanted to SO desperately visit, it would be the vast world of Kamome Academy's "7 Wonders", the uniqueness of every Wonder and the tales surrounding all 7 supernatural stories to be told. And one girl's persistence starts that ball rolling, to be one of the season's best shows on offer.

After a series of unfortunate events, ugly Daikon-chan Nene Yashiro, is trying to be a romantic in the school, only to fail miserably each and every single time. The only hope for her is to find School Wonder No. 7, Hanako-san of the school's bathrooms, and to summon her (as the folklore says) so that she the "genie in a bottle" can grant her wishes. Problem is, Hanako-san is a BOY, and being coerced into the gossip of such folklore, as much as Nene didn't want to believe it: she's now part of Kamome Academy's supernatural world, and with her being an assistant to Hanako, the weird hijinks start to ensue, and they must uphold the balance of humans and the Apparitions.

Far from a loose introductory plot into the story, the vast world of the "Seven Wonders" takes a lot of pride into showing which entities controls the supernatural space (called a Boundary) and maintaining a front while combatting the unknown is a task that only Hanako and Nene can do...not without an additional character: Kou Minamoto, an exorcist from a long family line of exorcists who wants to eradicate Hanako, but for reasons that Hanako's allowed to live (and became friends, the Happy 3 friends) with the bigger issue that's on the evil side with the Broadcasting Club's villainy (led by Sakura Nanamine, Natsuhiko Hyuga and Hanako's twin brother Tsukasa) with tampering the Seven Mysteries transcending stories and folklore with their own version that wreaks more havoc. And this makes the story tenfold better with exciting development that's progressively expanding.

As far as characters go, the protagonists side of Nene, Hanako and Kou are eccentric in their own ways. Nene, in every hopeful situation of being a romantic, is constantly shot down by her ideal crush's remarks and lauded at having thicc legs (hence the ugly Daikon comment). Man, Nene is never given a break from heartache after heartache, and just keeps rolling that fact off the tongue. Hanako is the angel version of the Apparition, his constant joker and teasing style is something that many of us can get used to at low-key comedic moments and of course, taking care of Nene abundantly. Kou, more than the usual exorcist trope, his motto is "act first, think later", and very often than not, his issue of troubles stem from his inexperience, but the effort makes it up for is staggering. Mitsuba, more than the transformation by Tsukasa to take over Wonder No. 3 in the later part of the series, was actually a very light-hearted character and one character that we can relate to, despite his questionable attitude and whatnot.

On the antagonists side, Sakura Nanamine and Tsukasa, like Nene and Hanako, with the same contracts to help each other long-term that can only be best described as friends with benefits. The outlier being Natsuhiko Hyuga is more often a nuisance and useful/useless character to Sakura and Tsukasa (depending on the tasks at hand), truly the epitome of evil. The cute side of the school supernaturalism with rabbit-like Mokke really are cute though, just having them on screen is more than enough to satiate my happiness alone.

The occurrence of 1-to-1 adaptations is very rare, and Lerche together with director Ando Masaomi has again done the impossible. Granted, he has done the same for last year's Kanata no Astra, and things aren't any different with Hanako-kun. The manga panels and cartoony character designs that match the manga to a T, I'd have to say that it was a job of a feat that's all known too well with his experience over the years. The only problem is that with the manga's arc structure, careful consideration has to be done in adapting the arcs, and it was a fear that's still prevalent (to manga fans that are salty for cut content not shown in the anime). If there's a Season 2, I'd like to see more stories as well, and if not, the manga is readily available.

Sound-wise, nothing but bangers of brilliance. The OP made out of a collaboration with PENGUIN RESEARCH's Youji Ikuta, Masayoshi Ooishi and ZiNG, is an absolute banger, and Akari Kito's song repertoire with the ED has only gotten so much better, along with her VA performance for Nene Yashiro. Simply awesome.

Overall, as great as the manga was, the anime adaptation did a very good job of representation. Far from reaching the pinnacle moments with the manga, I found it enjoyable, and for fans of the manga, hopefully this isn't a disappointment. YAS to the comedy being subjectively funny in good spots, and what a remedy it was. Easy recommendation.