Mar 26, 2020
dlxuniuniu (All reviews)
“If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die”

That is the English title of the anime.
Somehow it sounds like a goal in your life, but certainly a weird one. I am a big idol fan myself, but I would never go that far and say this. There are "wotas" (=fans of Japanese idol singers) who would do everything for their favorite idol. They support them with everything they have and this is definitely something that should be respected. It is certainly unusual and hard to understand, especially in western culture. Nevertheless, it shows how much love the wotas give to their favorite idol.

Oshibudo (short form) is about the relationship between the wotas and their favorite idols in everyday life. It gives us a little insight into this unusual and interesting culture.

The first imporatant thing we learn is that our idol group "ChamJam" is a "chika (underground)" idol group. Such a group is nowhere near as well-known as the "mainstream" idol groups like AKB48 (anime: AKB0048) or Momoiro Clover Z (songs in Sailor Moon, DragonBall etc). So what does this exactly mean for the daily life of our "ChamJam" idols?
Without the unconditional support of their fans, "underground" idols would have an extremely difficult time. Beside performancing, our idols also have to do side jobs because the wages are not enough.
The story is focusing on the main characters Eripiyo-san and Maina (both are girls). Eripiyo-san is a wota willing to do anything for her favorite idol Maina. She loves Maina more than anything on the world and also shows this noticeably. She supports her in every aspect she can. Since Maina is a shy girl and often doesn't dare to say the right words, it is difficult for her to show Eripiyo-san how much she appreciates her support and how much she loves her for doing this.
In addition to the relationship between our main characters, we also see other wotas showing their support for their favorite idol.

The development of the idols with the support is certainly the most exciting part. All members of "ChamJam" have a different personality and not the same amount of fans. But you have to differentiate between quality and quantity here too. A special fan in your heart can change your entire life and this case is certainly here.
The respect between the "ChamJam" members is there and no one wants to lose considering the ranking etc to the others. Nevertheless, the harmony is not so strong, even if they support each other. There is still a puzzle piece missing to become a great unit.

The art style differs significantly from the other idol animes such as Love Live! or Zombieland Saga. The girls are shown cute in a different way. Their performances are also beautiful to watch and the animations have a perfect flow.

The songs of "ChamJam" is nice to listen. Although this idol group does not exist in real life with live performances, it is fun to watch the animation and listen to the music. The OP "Clover Wish" is sung by all seven members and you can feel the happiness in such idol songs.
The ED song, on the other hand, is a solo by Eripiyo-san (Ai Fairouz). She is one of the winners of the category "Best New Actress" 2020 and many know her as "Hibiki" from "Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?" as well. Her voice perfectly fits with the ED song.

As someone who has already watched many idol animes, I had a lot of fun watching Oshibudo. I personally like the idol art style e.g in Love Live! or Re:Stage more, but this variant also has its charm. Learning more about "chika (underground)" idols was also very interesting, these things are hardly mentioned otherwise.

For erveryone who wants to discover more about the idol culture, I definitely recommend watching this anime. But this anime is also great to watch for people with little idol experience. You can see how much ONE loyal supporter can change everything.
With the relationship between the idols and their wotas, this anime has a different focus compared to others. This new aspect gives us a deeper insight into the Japanese wota culture.