Mar 26, 2020
Silva-sama (All reviews)
To make one thing clear, don't judge this anime based on every review you see either good or bad, let's say this: is not the best anime out there but it's not the worse also.

On that note I'll proceed to describe to you my experience watching it.

Right from the start you know something bad is gonna happen (you will understand when you see it trust me) and that feeling does not go away.
This is one that messes with you head, if you are like me and are a little bit anxious (let's put it that way), you will find yourself screaming to your screen what you feel should happen or they should be doing.
Makoto Itou for me is the one you have to follow more in terms of understanding what his motives are and the way he acts and thinks, (and this is purely my own opinion) he is one, well not the only one, making everything go the way it does.
As a boy you can see how he changes based on his thoughts and interactions but in no way justifies what he ends up doing and the mess that goes around because of that. Surely the other main characters contribute to this mess along some of the supporting ones but again it does not justifies how things ended up.

This can be somewhat enjoyable i guess...but that won't last long, i know it didn't for me. It's sad to see how the events occur and how much everyone changes and show up their true colors...

Again i must say this is only my experience from watching, not hatting on it or anything, just describing how i felt watching it.

If you like things ending in a bad way than this is one anime for you, if not it's watchable but probably you will not watch it again, at least for a long time. Final score -> 5/10