Mar 26, 2020
cities516 (All reviews)
Remember the time when you, instead of worrying those real-life BS that drives you mad, is just having fun with your friends, laughing around, curious about the unknown? Bofuri, with Maple’s lead, takes us into the VR game that Maple and her friends chill out. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching Maple, being afraid of pain, jumps off from a giant flying turtle, throws away her shield, transforms into a mecha or an EVA unit and burns the whole town on fire. (Did I mention she is afraid of pain?)

While Bofuri follows the VR game/isekai trend that sweeps through the anime community since SAO, the show stands itself out by making a huge step forward from its siblings: the protagonist is a cute anime high school girl. I’m not being sarcastic: for the same silly joke, it being spoken by the person you adore definitely works 100 times better on you than by the one you feel annoyed. What’s more is that her best friend is also a cute anime high school girl, who is even a chad in playing games. What an ultimate balanced anime pair.

The design and balancing of the game can be a joke for the audience at first, but in the end it does become a joke, even for the game developers. The plot, the music, everything in this anime is making fun of itself in a way that somehow blends together splendidly, just like how Maple plays well in that VR game. As long as Maple is having fun, I’m also having fun.

As this show finished, Maple is gonna return to real life and study her English lesson, and I’m also gonna return to real life and study Engineering Mathematics. Hope Maple and I both do well in the exams.