Mar 26, 2020
Silva-sama (All reviews)
Where to begin with this one...another anime romance but one I enjoyed so much and felt sad because it was short but and the same time happy from it offered!

A bit of context, the romance genre has become one of my favorite over the years and this one made love the genre even more.

The story is very simple at the beginning, you have the two main characters Miou Aida and Haruki Serizawa, that are different from each other but have a beautiful relationship between them. Has the name gives it away (the 10 cm part), is the distance they found they can't get pass for they relationship to go to another level but they have their reasons.
Past times have, in my opinion, a huge relevance in terms of development. You get to know them better, what they are all about, the ambitions they have, the reasons they have to achieve the goals they want and much much more that you have to see the anime to understand what i mean (I won't give it away here, I'm sorry).

One important aspect i have to mention is how pure everything is, you won't get those sex scenes or something along the lines and to be honest they wouldn't contribute in any way to what this anime is in it's essence.

To sum it all up and not to make this long, this for me is one you need to watch if you love the genre or are interested in it. At the end of you will see that every bump on the road, hard times you have to endure mean nothing when you found the one. I hope it gives you the same heartwarming feeling it gave about what love is and means.

Go watch it! Final score -> 9/10