Mar 26, 2020
Silva-sama (All reviews)
This anime was recommended to me by a friend that previously had seen some good comments about, and i decided to give it a go.

The concept overall is something that interests me in the approach on the subject of the after life, and i got to say it did not disappoint me.

At the beginning of the anime there is a lot to take in, not only for the viewer but also for the first character we are introduced to, Yuzuru. Along the way we start a journey to understand better the world where all this characters are and what is consist of. In a way, you will find yourself attached to most of them or at least have a soft spot for them.

In terms of story and development is not fast paced but it's not also slow, you get the right amount of information about what's going on, character development (either to know them better or something about their past), and little pieces of the story that when you put together all makes sense and it all becomes much more enjoyable.

To conclude and to not make this review much longer, this is anime i recommend. There are some plot twists, some twists and turns but in the end it all comes together and it's so hearth warming, specially the end of it (that I'm not gonna spoil but it's very heart warming) where you 90% sure will have some tears starting to go down your face. So if you find this helpful go give it a look, you will not regret it, I guarantee it! Final score -> 8/10