Mar 26, 2020
Toastfy (All reviews)
I expected hentai but got something so much better.
Do not, I repeat do not fall for the title of the show.

Our story starts off with our male character, Shouji Osamu a elementary school teacher fresh out of college about to embark on his first day when he suddenly gets hugged by a girl he does not recognize then at night he learns that nothing about their encounter is coincidental. I won’t spoil much but one thing I can say for sure is there this will give off Nisekoi vibes since there is mystery taking place besides that the backstory is really interesting.

Let’s start off with our main character, Shouji Osamu is a teacher AND not a lolicon but he is your average male protagonist in the typical romance manga.
Our female protagonist on the other hand is Tahara Chise, a girl who knows a lot about Shouji although they never meet and by the way she is actually 22 years old.. in spirit. I can’t bother saying anything about the support characters since there are like 20.

The art looks like a hentai I watched a while back surprisingly it was about a teacher and his students.. and apparently two of the author’s work got adapted into hentai. Ignoring what I said the art deserves a decent 6 since it’s average.

I don’t know about recommending this manga to anybody since like it gives off hentai vibes because of it’s art style along with it’s weird title but be my guest if you want to read this. Overall I would give it a solid 7.