Mar 26, 2020
Thecutedog (All reviews)
This show is best described as gits meets ghibli. It is a scifi show set in 2026 while being made in 2007 focusing on the internet merging into the real world via VR. The world that is created is the hook and the characters are the reason to love the show. There is a constant progression of what the world holds and what the characters can do. It is fun watching how the world works and we get to see this through the mc that moves into the town of where the show takes place. She learns about it as we do as most well told stories do. speaking of characters...

The cast is largely composed of children in elementary school just before going into middle school. Though they are much more mature than real children obviously, this is where the ghibil comparison shines through. The characters acts like children at times, they deal with issues of children, and it is all handled with respect. No one is going to be reasonably annoyed with the cast... aside from one 4 year old perhaps.
While not the most dynamic cast they still are well written and do indeed develop. In fact it can easy to understate this fact due to how well they are handled. They still grow as kids but still are kids at the end of the day. Though as stated you are going to have some act and carry themselves in adult ways such as the antagonist of the show and one major side character. It has a diverse cast of characters that all act their age. They truly help shape and mold the inner workings of the show.

The tone and themes of the show are as engaging as one can expect. With proper character writing it is almost a given that the greater ideals at play are well done. It touches both on the nature of AR, emotional connection, and bigger ideals of existence. While Dennou coil is about kids it certainly is not for kids. This brings me to the tone, the tone gets incredibly varied much like the experiences of what kids would have. You will have excitement, fun, danger, mystery, sadness, and horror. All of this is tied to the beautiful color scheme and art style at work. The CGI is well implemented in an organic way. It all creates an identity of its own while being so flexible to deliver an impressive range of emotions.
You will be left with more than enough to think back on through what the show explores and what the characters go through. To be perfectly clear the show is not alike to serial experiments lain or other almost obnoxiously vague shows. You will have a good grasp on everything that occurs and that is in no way a fault of the show. The show reaches emotional and poignant moments without needing to be obtuse. Well worth a watch from this alone.

Some criticisms of the show I have is some of the music being over used, songs being misplayed at some scenes that call for more dramatic tracks, and some facets of the plot feels rushed. ymmv on 4 episodes in the middle of the show being one offs. they were free to explore interesting concepts and side characters so it is not wasted just disconnected from main plot. They were worth having in the show considering how interesting they were.

Over all the show is more than worth anyone's time. It has a lot going for it through the interesting world that the setting takes full advantage of, to the characters themselves going from fun to emotionally moving, and plot that is dynamic and hooking.