Mar 25, 2020
poemofdevil (All reviews)
This was a great show. It started out rough. I didn't like the first three episodes that much, but I was drawn to the character and the concept so I stuck with it. I like the more adult/violent stuff... And this has an immortal wisecracking samurai. What's not to love? I couldn't be any happier about my decision to stick with the show more so than how I feel today having watched the finale. That was excellent. From episode 4/5 to the end I had a blast watching this every week alongside Vinland Saga in the fall, and alongside Dorohedoro this season. It was consistently great every week.

So, the main problem with this adaptation for most viewers should be the story. I haven't completely read the manga (I've only just begun) but I am aware that they have cut some material out and have rushed through some of the things they adapted. Despite not being aware of what was cut, it definitely did feel disjointed at times. That aside, every other aspect of this show was fantastic. Great voice acting. Great music. Nice animation. Maybe not the quality of Attack on Titan or something fancy like that, but still excellent most of the time. I loved the direction and style I saw in these episodes.

The closest anime I could compare this to is Shigurui. I loved the Shigurui manga. I was somewhat disappointed by the anime adaptation. This show is what I wanted the Shigurui anime to be. It has life and style to it that was missing from that other show.

I couldn't recommend this show more.