Mar 25, 2020
Pixeldrum (All reviews)
I've watched a ton of slice of life shows, and I've got to say, some shows have sort of the wrong idea about what makes a slice of life enjoyable. I mean, actually just sitting through a 12 episode series about a person going through their mundane life is absolutely boring, and not exactly something that you should try to achieve in a slice of life. Sure, it can be about someone's mundane life, but it's got to be enjoyable in some way shape or form, whether it be characters, the story/setting, or the dialogue. Either way, a slice of life is not successful because it's actually just some random person's day to day life.

Flying witch is basically this. Non non biyori, Nichijou, Miname ke, even lucky star or something are good because they have "normal," yet fun characters. Slice of life is obviously held up by their well made characters. Whether it be dialogue, relationships, or drama, characters play a pivotal role in whether or not a slice of life is well made. Those shows I mentioned above had great characters. I found them funny, interesting, or just relaxing to watch.
Flying witch, on the other hand, is basically a bunch of side characters talking to each other, and you start wondering where the main character is. The fact that the traits of the main character can be summarized by "eccentric," and "bad sense of direction" even by episode 5-6, you've got a problem. The fact that the same dialogue or scenario about these two traits happening with the main character, only in slightly different setting is just boring and predictable. Everything about the dialogue in this show is dead. No liveliness at all. It just feels like it's a script that people are reading off of.
Non non biyori also makes use of the setting much more than Flying witch ever did. They both feature a typical countryside town, yet the characters in Non non biyori actually interact and mesh with the setting extremely well. They do things that can only be done in the countryside, and the animation also has a lot of extremely vibrant scenes, attention to detail, and backgrounds dedicated to the setting. It's a great example of how a simple cast of characters can be elevated due to the well made setting and dialogue

As for Flying Witch, the setting is tossed aside. In fact, the episode settings and dialogue can actually taking place in any suburban or urban area. Like I said before, dialogue is extremely boring and uninteresting, and the author takes liberties in the character's actions so that the show can seem less boring.
That's basically what Flying Witch is trying to do: seem more interesting than it actually looks. "Wow, my story is very bland, and my characters are also quite the boring lot, how about we make the main character a witch? Haha, that will make my story good." That's basically what I think the author was trying to go for. Magic and witches are only talked about when there's another witch other than the main character in the scene. It's like there's a slice of life portion of the story, and then the witch/magic part of the story. They don't work in tandem, and mix like oil and water. There isn't any attempt to incorporate magic into everyday life, but rather, it's just a quirk of the main character. Instead, it's just boring slice of life scenarios. Then, when that becomes boring, as it surely does, then stuff about witches and magic come up again to keep your attention. Rinse and repeat. Unfortunate that instead of making a story about a main character using magic in their everyday life, it's about a witch that doesn't use magic unless the story permits, thus essentially making most of the episodes completely unrelated to her witch identity, which is pretty stupid when it's an integral part of the plot.

All in all, this show is a dime in a dozen put in with all the other failures of slice of life shows.