Mar 25, 2020
Uchi_emoji_chan (All reviews)
Never before have I had an anime that's made me compulsively have a panic attack every five seconds because of nothing but pure confusion, but this did it. This world is so stupidly confusing. Early on, it shows a flashback to about 40 years ago, and it's just a zoo. With humans. And animals. What happened to earth in this abhorrent landscape that within 40 years, humans have had to deal with all animals spontaneously acquiring human level intelligence, but also all female animals just turning into humans with different ears. How. How is it that dinosaurs, and other extinct species just came back to life. That's another thing. The kind of villains? for the last 3 episodes are clearly not extinct, as they are there talking about being extinct. But say there's only one of each of them, wouldn't that take away the pandas fame as being 3rd rarest? See what i mean. This world is like a Jenga tower of mediocrity and if you ask any questions it instantly breaks apart. Also is some death stranding shit happening, where you can't die, because they specifically say the sloth dies many times, but then she just appears back. Also, what up with height? All height proportions are so off it makes me sick. They kinda explain the wolf girl, but why is the student council girl human proportions when her species is tiny, but the honey badger is tiny. It makes me want to die. Apart from the frankly terrible world building, the scene with the bears in the first episode was genuinely leading to rape if the wolf girl didn't show up. Then I was thinking, will this affect the human girl in anyway meaningful, maybe give a good message? NOPE. It led to LITERALLY nothing. The character writing is also quite horrible. The koala has no personality, the panda had something good set up with the masochism thing, but the writers quickly forgot that. The sloth is ok, but she's really just a quiet version of the human girl. The human girl is annoyingly boring, being the most cliche character I've ever seen. The main guys just like "I hate animals" which were constantly reminded of, but nothing comes of it. He just says it and then just starts talking to wolf girl. There is also continuity errors such as the wolfs sister ranging from about 3 metres to a titan who can hold a human in the palm of her hand. The show also isn't funny, but thats subjective. There is one thing that I found funny in the entire series, and it's because I already knew that hyena girls had dicks, so when I saw in the opening that there seemed to be a gender confused hyena I thought it would be funny if they actually did something with that. Now, I didn't particularly like how it turned out, just kinda that they included that in this anime. Honestly, it's not the worst thing you could watch if all you want is to turn your brain off and go "wolf cute" or "wolf funny", but if you want literally anything else, never touch this show. It's not good, and I'm fed up with the standard that if the quality is completely standard in every way, but a show has cute girls it's instantly alright. I want a better standard and it's shows like this that clearly don't care for quality and are just pumping out content, that really annoy me.