Mar 25, 2020
Tanooshii (All reviews)
In years that I entered the animation industry to enjoy more works with a mature tone, I always wondered how they adapt this type of story, and when adapting, what kind of impression do they want to pass on the text and style of production? Something that when you watch, you will remember that face that left a mark on animation companies, and as I dedicate people in this medium that has experiences and show fantastic talent, Hiroshi Hamasaki is one of those people that I admire for his experimental direction and consistent text, even though we had bad anime after Steins Gate's success, I always see when a work matches the director, like Masaaki Yuasa and Eizouken recently, but I must say here that Blade of the immortal would be the ideal role for Hiroshi, capable of producing the violent feeling and the meaningful text of Samura's manga, but it turns out he got tired of this project, just like me.

I love ronin/samurai stories, so much so that you can see Lone Wolf & Cub in my favorites, and I make it clear that I like the stories of Koike Kazuo in a duo with Kojima goseki, it is fascinating to see how this type of story enriches the viewer's knowledge of the world, why am I saying this? Because I want to start here that Blade universe doesn't enrich or demonstrate anything to the reader, just the obvious that women suffered and killers were constant, I think that easily summarizes Blade concepts for his time. In fact you can tell me that the function of the story isn't to detail us about it, but I believe that if you read a story that provides an episodic storytelling about the period, it certainly wants to add knowledge, because episodic functions often don't communicate through characters but around the world.

The background art are bad, disgusting, totally hollow and lifeless art, some may say it's the charm of anime, as if it were a pessimistic view of the work that even the world is lifeless, but I say they are wrong, nothing justifies a bad coloring in terms of production, NOTHING, as if these colors weren't enough, the anime doesn't feel like it is in an important period of ancient Japan, because there is no landscape that marks this connection between the universe and the viewer, damn, even mediocre shows like Dororo manage to do a better job of transmitting their world, it is always important to have a contribution from the art director to bring this empathy that we see for the environment, the scenery in winter is the worst thing I I’ve seen, if a artist could see it, he would probably vomit, I like it like in old movies about ronins, the snow scenes were so atmospheric and battles fought on him would make cont track with the violence left in the color of snow, in Blade you have a white background totally saturated with amateur blood marks worthy of someone who tried to use a Paint tool as a way to fill the scene, watch the last episodes and see for yourself , and in case you doubt me, just look a snow of this show and a snow scene in the Vinland Saga, then tell me which one conveys the environment well, it is a huge difference.

The storyline is very poorly written, instead of choosing to detail things that are important, and that serve the purpose of construction and solid basis for architecting the characters, the anime chooses to cut several dialogues and suggest short and banal words, you can you tell me that it is a way of dynamism and being a more enjoyable entertainment practice, but in the same way that it incites a super fast rhythm, the words cannot be controlled and doesn't make connection with each other, this is not dynamism, is amateurism script, Hiroshi's productions always focused a lot on adapting a good background text to a gray landscape, but here it is just the opposite, it is the definitive proof that even he is not caring about this story, an anime is for a quality very low in production, it must support itself with the text it has, even if it is acceptable or average, like Onihei series, Blade decides to show a free sexual abuse scene but allows to cut texts when you have to give substance and nuance to the characters, and in the end you have a super badly conducted story, where things just happen without the slightest backbone to interconnect it, characters acting differently than usual from one episode to another, without a trace of what motivated them to doing that, seriously, just watch episode 12, and you will see that it is a shounen episode, where all the characters meet conveniently and fight enemies this time, WITHOUT ANY CONSTRUCTION.

The characters are bad, maybe Rin is the decent character in this story, for having a development that can buy the viewer, Manji is just a walking killing machine that the anime tries to sell you as a great character all the time, but that gets killed ( again) for the lazy plot of the series, which goes around in circles until it has a momentum in the story, at least its relationship with Rin is good and brings out a little chemistry. Now I will talk about everything that is bad, let's start with a character THAT EXISTS ONLY IN AN EPISODE, AND RESOLVES TO APPEAR IN THE FINAL ARCH, without construction for this to be plausible, Hyakurin is a wasted potential, as soon as I saw his backstory, I was able to like and be convinced of her story, but in the end she is just useless and only serves to be abused, so what is her purpose to fulfill in this story if you waste them that way? I'm talking about a main member, not just someone who served to be built in the first moment that appears. Anotsu at first was the character I liked the most, until I saw that they destroyed his entire arc and made his motivations shallow, he doesn't have a subtext to be supported, his decisions in favor of his revenge are not convincing, and his relationship with Rin is poorly constructed during the second part of the story. Maybe Makie is the secondary character I liked, and she remains a weak character, where again her relationship with Anotsu is barely deepened, Magatsu only exists to fight Shinra and this is his whole story, I mean, why make Shinra survive? He has no role in this story except to become the evil generic villain who wants to provoke the protagonist, his outcome as well as his character is completely disposable, again with no purpose whatsoever to have been the focus on the last arc.

Blade's direction is extremely inconsistent and often disgusting to follow, damn, I love Hiroshi's experimental style, the first cour had usable episodes in which I could feel the director's soul inside the anime, the second cour, the direction is nonexistent, damn this anime has one of the most disgusting and despicable storyboards that I’ve been able to watch in years, you see several horrible camera angles, scenes that should give weight and are focused on a landscape on the edge of a terribly badly positioned zoom, to disguise the low production that this show has, STOP GLORIFYING A BAD PRODUCTION, before the hurried storyboards were used for battle scenes, then they started appearing in scenes of common dialogue, and it all became a dizziness to watch, it made me wanting to vomit every time it was used, this has no difference with one punch man 2, which used bad and amateur storyboards, episode 22 has the worst introduction to introducts the viewer, how do they let this crap? Aren't there enough storyboarders and editors to do something? To put it in context, they do a character killing entirely in PowerPoint, without any type of editing that can do justice, it is terrible, often the direction moved in banal focuses of scenes instead of being creative as before, there are many cuts of scenes that they are basically half the head of a character, in sequence of another in the same position, THAT CLEARLY IS A FAIL WAY TO REPLIC THE MANGA PANELS, there are no scenes that are individual working as far as they can be, everything depends on the manga's quadrinization, and something totally amateur, I don’t understand the reason for this decision, since most of the episode directors did a good job in the first cour.

The text itself is poorly constructed, in the first cour Blade's philosophies were good, some were completely unfinished to compromise the main character to answer them, it was helpful, but I didn't come here to criticize this but how badly written this story can be, they totally abuse one of the biggest mistakes in fictional entertainment which is '' just talk, don't show'', but for the most part there is nothing that holds the idea of ​​the characters who argue about their past and your plan for revenge, how can this be credible to the viewer if you don't even bother to complete those words? Things just happen without an execution, see Rin managing to break into a prison in 20 seconds, a plan that should have been discussed, in a prison where there are experienced guards, Blade got tired of showing a story and just preferred to '' tell '', it's like watching an amv of your favorite manga with just a few lines of effect that you liked, and it comes down to a mess of arguments and ideas, often this anime is completely expository, no matter how much you absorb the ideas that he argues, the anime will never connect them, if I ask someone to defend this text without the support of the manga and make all the connections make sense, they would admit right away that it is bad writing.

You can try to convince me that because it is an adaptation I should see it as a final product far from its material, to absorb the ideas of the anime itself, but it turns out that it doesn’t collide, they stuck the fucking 30 volumes in 24 episodes, this is not an adaptation, it is a failed attempt to apply the manga, or the best moments whose director thinks they are, I will give an example that Houshin Engi is an attempt to apply the manga, already Children of the Sea a individual adaptation material in it serves as an example, Children of the Sea uses as base his first volume and his last ones to locate a single source of message, proving to be something unique, and that if it depends only on the manga for the reader to know the characters and their functions, Blade is the reverse of this whole idea and still manages to do worse.

This show only serves a single purpose: to show violence, because it is the only source that he can provide, remember the first sequence that the show allows us to show, only Manji cutting random people, now what kind of weight does this provide to the character? None, some may say that I am stating something without foundation, I read the first volume of the manga to check out the premiere, and I know that this killing has meaning within the manga because it was a tale to build the main character and connect it with Rin, but here it is totally played without context, and in the end the anime wants to return to this scene, since it is useless, do you understand the situation? Blade features a weak cast, a totally flawed script, bad art, bad animation, inconsistent direction, terrible storyboards, a poorly presented universe, maybe if this series ended in the first cour, I could accept it, but everything collapsed later, this anime is a terrible example of why Seinen's decay in a possible adaptations in the anime industry and totally a waste of direction , if you want to watch a series located in ancient japan, with ronins and samurai, and under the direction of Hiroshi Hamasaki, watch Shigurui, it is a more consistent series.

I forgot to comment: the Opening is shit and completely generic.