Mar 25, 2020
Kortexual (All reviews)
From the amazing first season of the anime had, in my opinion, a pretty bad OVA.

Starting off with the good parts of the OVA, it has the very expressive and fun style of Konosuba and its ecchi and has heaps of fanservice.

But that's when the bad parts come in. The story is mediocre, but it is an OVA, so I'll let it slide. The biggest thing that bothered me was actually Kazuma himself. Usually Kazuma is a character that is a bit of an asshole on the surface and is sometimes a scumbag but deep down he really does care about his friends. In this OVA though Kazuma turns into a complete asshole. It's incredibly uncomfortable to watch, as Kazuma is completely out of character and doing pretty scummy things, even compared to how he is normally. I enjoy fanservice usually, but not if it completely destroys the characters that I know and love.

Overall I would not recommend watching this OVA unless you consider it non-canon.