Mar 25, 2020
curvedtree (All reviews)
"Araara mama, ufufu no mama, Mamako desu"

In this beach episode Mamako finally gets what she wants, but not really. Masato was fooling around with that Japanese game that involves hitting a watermelon on the ground, as he was following Mamako directions he gets mad that when he senses a watermelon it is actually Mamako's "watermelon", he get pissed and throws his bat at the sea, but since karma is a mistress the bat is thrown right back at him and Masato loses his memory. Despite having an harem, Masato ignores them and his eyes are focused on Mamako and he starts to develop some Oedipus-y feelings - and fanservice was there for Masato as well -, which our pure Mamako doesn't see with any ill intent, she even feels so happy we he says that he loves her. He then in a snap regains his memories and this special ends with his party members losing their memories and Shirase dying. Overall, it is an episode with several moments and aspects shown on the show.

Art is poor, rarely they put effort on drawing bodies, faces, clothes- who am I kidding, there were only bikinis here -, it is just a lame job. Animation is quite limited as well.

OP is quite good, it was awesome to hear it again, the ED had a small portion cut, there are those moments when Kayano Ai says as chibi Mamako "Mamako desu" and "Arigatō" and they are barely audible, which is a shame.

It is the same beach episode you probably watched in every other seasonal anime, you will probably watch it for Mamako; Porta, Wise and Medhi are there for appearance's sake.