Mar 25, 2020
Damerino (All reviews)
*Spoiler Warning*

Please, take a seat and let me tell you why this anime sucks.

I honestly would have skipped this if it wasn't for the fact I scrolled down the winter-anime-list until the end. Since there are so many, I skip many that don't seem interesting enough to try. Among the unpopular anime I started watching "Natsunagu", mainly because of the cover. It has a really cool-looking one and and as for usual I gave it a try and oh my, what I found wasn't pleasing.

We are introduced to the protagonist who for some reason wants to meet her best "friend" because she had met her in an online game and after playing for a long time she suddenly decides to meet her supposedly best "friend" even though it's just her who wants for that to happen, but who even cares about that since the protagonist is a selfish bitch. Yup, Natsuna is a insufferable, unbearable - insoportable little bitch. As long she accomplish stuff she cares about she won't be giving two shits about anyone else. Ughhhhhhhh, I hate her. I hate her because she's got helped so many times and yet, she's that selfish and at no point in the story she tried to change herself.

There's a scene in a later episode when she talks to this girl and she kept asking her about the "friend" she herself had to travel to come and see and the girl said "No" at least 4 times in the span of 30 seconds and still, Natsuna was so persistent on this that at one point I really wanted to punch her right in the face. For god's sake, if someone says no, then it's a no. There is no point to asking anymore.

Natsuna doesn't evolve. Her character doesn't mature. She's still the same person as she was in the first episode, and don't come to me and say that she matures in the last two episodes because she doesn't. She's helped by the support cast (which I have to say that it's so random everyone in the town helps her out) and gives her the motivation "she's in need". That's just a combination of asspull + ex machina and a little of bullshit. Those three are here to serve help because she needs it? No, its because she's writen this way. She doesn't need help and yet she gets it because we have to somehow lead her to the final destination even though she can do that easily by herself.

As for the ending, I cried. Not because it was sad but because the show had finally ended. It took a while but it finally happened and for whatever reason I have a feeling we'll be getting a sequel which in all honestly, I would like to be part of the staff so I can get the chance to write the story and with that in mind, kill Natsuna near the ending. Ah yeah, that's so spicey.

Itsuki is way too good for Natsuna.