Mar 25, 2020
Heureka (Manga) add (All reviews)
Trap_Traps_Traps (All reviews)
A tragic War tale of blood, innovation and love. This series is definitely worth reading. As someone who usually takes about 10 or so chapters to really get into the flow of a manga it was great that Heureka was able to capture my attention right from the first chapter and then all the way through to the 6th. The story follows the silver-tongued Damippos and his lover Claudia as their city Syracuse is attacked by the Romans. However protected by the ingenious inventions of the great mathematician Archimedes, invading Syracuse proves to be a difficult task.

Hitoshi Iwaaki does a brilliant job portraying a realistic battle scene, with fluid art and interesting characters. Namely Damippos, a Spartan who exhibits brain rather than brawn gets involved with several different powerful people as the war rages on. Despite his keen intellect and knack for understanding Archimedes inventions, Damippos wonders if those who wage war really have nothing better to do. Ultimately led around by circumstance he faces various challenges as he maneuvers his way through the situations he's given working his way through with his charm and quick wit.

There's not much more to say, Heureka is a simple yet excellently written Manga and only 6 chapters long, so just read it already!!