Mar 25, 2020
NewNightFight (All reviews)
When I began reading this, I knew I couldn't stop at the beginning! I read all of Assassination Classroom happy and anxious to see what came next in the story. I was even waiting for the English volumes to release at bookstores and online. With the story, it was AMAZING! The places they went, the ways the characters developed and how they've grown physically and mentally. The characters were scary and enjoyable at times. The only unrealistic character that wouldn't make sense in a realistic type setting would be Karma. He was willing to commit suicide in front of his teacher because he doubted Koro Sensei's abilities. He is too much of a rebel sometimes and it just takes away from the story at times, but nonetheless, he is a great counterpart to Nagisa, one of the most important characters in the manga. I also think some of the enemies take away from the story as well, especially at the end. For instance, they practically brain wash everyone and the characters we've grown to love are useless against these villains, except Koro Sensei. I really enjoyed this and felt deep emotions that made me connect with these characters. With the ending, it was heart warming and realistic, I like where most of these characters ended up at the end too, it was really really nice to see them one last time. All I can say is that I enjoyed this because of how relatable it can be and how human everyone sees, even Koro Sensei.