Mar 25, 2020
harukawaz (All reviews)
The first time I watched the anime for Hitorijime, I was exploding with joy. The show itself was so well done, especially for an anime considered "BL" which is filled with oversexualization and horrible plot/storylines. Hitorijime was one of the firsts that didn't have a character that would be like, "Oh, but I'm a boy!" or include nonconsensual relationships. Which is why it makes me extremely sad that the main pairing was technically illegal. I don't understand why they had to ruin something that could have been really good representation for LGBTQ by giving such a large age gap AND teacher-student relationship. I thought that was kind of unnesscesary because I still really like Hitorijime but it feels wrong and people will probably argue that it is pedophilia. I think it's unfair since the character development and storyline is so unique. I know eventually Setty grows of age, but I wish they had made Kousuke younger at least. I get the underling part.. but the age gap (even stated in the manga??) is like over 11 years. Some parts of the manga are really cute and well done, but there are some questioning bits or parts where it doesn't make sense. Overall, Hitorijime is still one of my comforts and still a favorite.