Mar 25, 2020
senpai_roxen_69 (All reviews)
"Misunderstanding" is a word which is not new in our life. We have to deal with every now and then. Sometimes it's for the better good and usually it makes a lot of trouble for everyone who's involved. But still, we have to admit that it somewhat made our life exciting or atleast took us out of the bored we've been going through xD. "Last Game" is the manga I read just now and now I'm reviewing it, basically the whole plot of this manga was "Misunderstandings". This manga seems like a typical shoujo manga in the start, however that's not the case when u get more into it. In the start we get to know that the male MC is a rich boy which is very typical in shoujo manga and the female is a poor child, raised by a single mother which is also somewhat typical in mostly Anime and manga. But it's not the same in this case. First, the thing which makes it different from typical shoujo manga was that it was from the male MC's perspective and second was that it didn't occur in highschool or middle School, instead in University, which is not also very typical in Shoujo manga, I'm not gonna give spoilers or talk about the setting cuz that'll be spoilers. But my experience on this manga was pretty good. The setting, the characters, the art, were really good. In these 60+ chapters, the things I got to see from this manga, was pretty out of this world! I never expected that much from it before reading it but now that I have completed it, I'm feeling quite satisfied with everything this manga offered. I highly recommend this manga to shoujo manga readers and other manga readers too, even if u r new to manga, ik that you'll love it