Mar 24, 2020
Aditya8795 (All reviews)
I personally go around living life having constructed elaborate defenses around my psyche, allowing me to brush away any emotional attacks on my identity. I am pretty sure most of you do that as well, unconsciously atleast. Rarely I come across this kind of a book that suddenly hits home. It felt I had been surprised, I did not know that gap in my defenses existed.

I won't lie, this book felt like a personal attack on me sometimes. I do spend a lot of my time consuming art, rarely producing anything of worth. I don't set many goals so that I won't be dissapointed when I fail to even try to achieve them. For a person like me, this book made me wonder what my life is worth.

In that sense, this book is dark. It makes you ask these important questions that might for atleast a few of you, be the trigger that pushes you to try dreaming and acting on your passions.

I think some parts of this manga went over my head (vending machines, simply meaninglessness). But I think it was trying to make us question some of the most fundamental axioms we all hold dear. What is meaningful to us? what makes something meaningful?

This work is short and its hard to justify these kinds of passionate deep emotions in such a short time, really flesh out characters. Within the constraints the author did a fine job.

The ending is poetic and kinda clearly makes the point that value is truly subjective. I am still holding onto the idea that being sort of eternal through your Art is valuable. But this book forced me acknowledge that my wish is as arbitary as wishing for wealth, fame etc. I would recommend this book since its a short read and its not too dark overall.